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Pat Metheny on Kenny G

 A worthy target (maybe a bit over the top, but fun anyway.)

posted by Tim- 8/26/2003 8/26/2003 06:31:00 PM
Don't mess with me!

 If you hate telemarketers (like I do) and have signed up for the National "Do Not Call" list then this and this may be be worthwhile reading.

posted by Tim- 8/18/2003 8/18/2003 10:17:00 PM
New Bluegrass Find!

 If you are a Bluegrass fan (especially if you have a broadband connection) you need to check out BluegrassBox. Similar to what etree does for jam bands (including some bluegrass stuff) BluegrassBox supports the distribution of recorded live shows. These are all done by fans at shows with bands who have a supportive taping policy. That means they are all legal. Now downloading is a little tricky, so take you time to READ the FAQ. But even if you can't get the downloading part down BluegrassBox hosts a streaming radio site of their hosted shows. (Both Dialup and Broadband) I'm enjoying Sam Bush's set from Merlefest 2000 right now. Purists Beware: many shows tend toward the Newgrass/Jamgrass genre, you have been warned!

posted by Tim- 8/06/2003 8/06/2003 09:57:00 PM
Cool amateur photo

 This is real nice. (I hate to say it, via Kottke's Remaindered Links sidebar.)

posted by Tim- 8/03/2003 8/03/2003 11:37:00 PM
Google vs. The Blogosphere

 Everyone knows Google is an amazing search tool. But has the nature and explosion of blogs started to erode its accuracy and usefulness? Several A-list bloggers (among others) are discussing just that. It helps to understand the primary way Google indexes pages for search results and the heavy linking done between blogs.

Ongoing debate:
-Here's the opening comment from Matt Haughey.
-Here's Ev's Reply
(Blogger/Pyra Labs Founder and current Google employee)
-Followup from Matt.

-And finally a recent post of findings from Kottke.

posted by Tim- 8/03/2003 11:20:00 PM
Reilly on Golf

 The British Open has come and gone but this piece from Rick Reilly at SI is an amusing look at the craziness at the heart of the USGA's rule book.

posted by Tim- 8/03/2003 11:13:00 PM
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