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And the winner is

 Vistors at altcountrytab have come up with a pretty impressive Top 100 of 2002 list. The annual "award", voted on by site visitors, has been newly dubbed The Gamblers. The list is a great place to catch up on great music you may have missed last year.

posted by Tim- 1/29/2003 1/29/2003 10:02:00 PM
periodically brilliant

 A great new magazine that comes out quarterly has their new website up. Paste is available at Border's and includes a sampler CD with 20+ tracks of great music with every issue.

My brother thought the feature articles were too short in the first two issues, but they are just starting out so give them a chance. Their third issue should hit the stands very soon!

posted by Tim- 1/29/2003 09:49:00 PM
Radio sucks!

 If you have DirecTV it is worth the $3.99 a month for the upgrade to Total Choice Plus, sure you get several other channels but this Americana Music channel is worth the upgrade all on it's own. Coupled with the Bluegrass channel it's two great stations of commercial free tunes 24 hrs per day.

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go look


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Rev. lovejoy

 Those of us living in the Portland area are well aware of The Simpsons-Portland connection and Matt's roots here, for those who wish to know more...Matt Groening's Portland (via Kottke)

posted by Tim- 1/12/2003 1/12/2003 09:29:00 AM
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